Yoga: Yoking the Individual and Society

What is yoga? Where does Yoga come from and where is it going? What is its relevance for an individual and society? This speaker series will discuss and try to suggest some answers to these questions.

This speaker series will explore the vast field of yoga,  where our speakers will share their own long-term practice, how it affects their lives, and where they can enlighten us with yoga philosophy  and it’s multi-dimensional application. The aim of this series is to create awareness beyond the Asana/Physical practice and delve deeper into the human psyche. The essence of this philosophy, perennial and rooted in higher awareness, comes from lived experience of ancient yogis and rishis from over 3,000 years ago, and still plays a significantly beneficial role in bringing peace, harmony, calm and balance to the modern individual. These benefits in turn extend beyond the individual into their societal interactions.

Yoga philosophy has been successfully applied on a larger scale in resolving many social issues and world conflicts. Mahatma Gandhi was a great practicing yogi and used “Ahimsa” (non-violence), the first foundational principle of yoga, to transform himself and bring, without any bloodshed, independence for India from British rule. Later Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, Gandhi’s understudies, used the same principles to make changes in their own society.

Using yoga as a tool to bring about social harmony is but one topic explored in this speaker series, please browse our website for more details.



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YSS 2021 Launch

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