HANSAJI: The First Lady of Yoga


Hansa Ji Jayadeva Yogendra

( Director of The Yoga Institute, The Life School)

A dynamic and charismatic personality, Smt. Hansaji, wife of Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra and present Director of The Yoga Institute, has dedicated her life to the running of the Institute and to teaching yoga as a way of life in a completely practical way. She is perhaps best known throughout the nation due to her involvement in the popular television series ’Yoga for Better Living’, first aired in 1980.

She was recognized for her contribution to Women’s Health through the award presented by SPARC. She has conducted several seminars and lecture tours in India and in Europe, Australia, Canada, Pakistan, Hong Kong and United States of America. She has also authored many Yoga books and articles. She was invited by the National Council for Education Research and Training along with Dr. Jayadeva to advise on formulating a Yoga education syllabus for schools nationwide.

Bharat Gaurav award honours given to Dr. Hansaji Yogendra (Director- The Yoga Institute) for extraordinary contribution and excellence in the field of yoga. The honours were conferred at the UK House of Commons in British Parliament in London on July 19th, 2019 by Sanskriti Yuva Sanstha which was graced by many luminaries from the UK government and Yoga fraternity worldwide.


Yoga Philosophy and Practice: Householder Yoga

Yoga is for Prani Matra. It’s not specifically for me and women; it’s for all. It does not distinguish between a man and a woman. Yoga makes clear that every human is potentially divine, and no two humans are the same. You are totally unique personality. In nature, there is no duplication. So, it becomes mandatory to know who you are. We have to learn to live our life and not live somebody else’s life. We have to always remember the purpose behind every action. The purpose behind study, marriage, children, career, job, etc. In fact, all the activities that we do, we shall keep the purpose in mind. Since life is nothing else but all the little actions that we perform during the whole day. The theory of action should be understood thoroughly. So, little detail of theory of action and detail of karma yoga philosophy is a must. What should humans should do well? (S)he should follow her/his duty in life and understand the hierarchy of duty and understand the philosophy of Karma Yoga. We, human beings, are social animals and interdependent, so we have a duty towards others. Reaching to the level of Aishwarya which is self-confidence, unaffected by ups and downs of life, and build all that a person needs to live his life with objectivity and distance yoga uses the word Vairagya for it. By doing your duties you gain knowledge in life and it is only through the knowledge you are free from pain and suffering. All these things you learn as you live and all these things everybody should know.

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